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Perrelet Turbine Chrono Watch Watch Releases

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Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch Watch Releases

Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch Watch Releases

2012 sees another variation on the popular Perrelet Watches Uk Replica Turbine watch called the Turbine Diver – and it is just that. With a large case, internal rotating dive bezel, and 300 meters of water resistance, you can now combine your love of the spinning dial timepiece with your passion for sport watches. Well, at least I know I can.

I’ve written about the Perrelet Watches Australia Replica Turbine watch over the years and did a hands-on review of the Perrelet Turbine XL watch here. The high-end novelty watch continues to hold my attention. If you don’t recall how it works, the Turbine is a play on the original Perrelet double rotor concept that has a second rotor on the dial which is connected to the rear rotor in the automatic movement. The turbine on the dial spins with the movement of your wrist. With enough inertia, it will spin pretty fast. Perrelet learned that by using large, bold hands as it does here – a high level of legibility can be maintained.

Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch Watch Releases

Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch Watch Releases

Size-wise, the Turbine Diver is between the original 43mm Turbine and the 50mm wide Turbine XL. The Turbine Diver is 47.5mm wide. The case is once again similar in style, with a slightly different bezel design. The watch will likely wear a bit smaller than it is due to the thick outer bezel and internal rotating bezel. The blades of the turbine are sharply curved, this time looking a lot more like a boat engine propeller versus the turbines in a jet engine. With propellers being used for both of these purposes, it was just a matter of time before the watch went from aviation to nautical in theme.

Each of the cases are in steel but some have DLC black coated segments – just like most Turbine watches out there. The dials are attractive, and there is fun sportiness to the collection. They are whimsical, but also very functional in design. The crown has been moved to 10 o’clock, and the internal rotating bezel as well as the time, is adjusted via the same crown. I actually like the single crown design versus having two of them (as many watches with internal rotating bezels have).

Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch Watch Releases

Initially, Perrelet’s double automatic rotor watches functioned with a rotor on the dial of this watch as well as on the base of the motion (as is the case with the majority of automatic motions). The idea was not only to mention that Perrelet was arguably the inventor of this automatic watch (sources somewhat differ on this point), but also to increase winding efficiency. The double automatic rotor theory birthed the Perrelet Turbine which was made by Sebastien Perret (originally, at least) for its Perrelet brand.Perrelet did what most companies with a bang product do, and that’s simply generate a string of models and limited edition models around precisely the same theme. Perrelet sort of overdid it with Turbine versions, and that combined with a poor market took out lots of the brand’s momentum. What is strange is that despite Perrelet’s adequate backing in the Festina Group, they are very silent from a marketing perspective. Why is that significant? Well, money into marketing is a very important part of earning any luxury brand successful now. It just isn’t sufficient to possess watches in shops anymore.I wrote more about the history of the Perrelet Turbine from the article I linked to above, so let’s get on with this hands-on experience together with all the Perrelet Turbine Skeleton version. There are in fact six variations of it, and this particular version in steel using all the leather strap is called the reference A1081/1A. The case is 44m wide, making it a sort of mid sized sized Perrelet Turbine model. You have many of the traditional elements such as the PVD black-coated bezel and little “claws” on the bezel as well.The case also has a type of concealed crown at 3 o’clock. It is not so much concealed, really, as inset into the face of the case. The crown has a small fold-out manage which you can use to manually wind the watch as well as pull the crown out to adjust the time. The smooth, graceful lines of the Perrelet Turbine case have always been nice, and I believe that this timepiece collection nevertheless reflects an appealing and distinctive appearance.
Perrelet Turbine Diver Watch Watch Releases

Color wise, the Turbine Diver comes in black or blue, with yellow or white trim. All models look handsome in my opinion. I do wonder what styles will end up being the best sellers. Over the dial is an AR coated sapphire crystal, and there should be lots of SuperLumiNova on the dial for darkness viewing. Attached to the watch is a black or blue rubber strap.

Inside the Turbine Diver watches is the Perrelet Watches Amazon Replica P-331 automatic double-rotor movement. It is a Soprod movement exclusive to Perrelet and both brands are owned by the same parent company. Prices for the watch will be $6,550 or $7,200 depending on whether DLC is used on the case or not. Look for them later in 2012.

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