The Odyssea: A High Quality Replica Premium Swiss-automatic Dive Watch With Cheap Price

The Odyssea: A High Quality Replica Premium Swiss-automatic Dive...

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Top Quality Piaget Polo S Swiss Made Watch Review

Top Quality Piaget Polo S Swiss Made Watch Review

One of the most prominent creations from Piaget which embodies the above is the replica cheap Piaget Polo watch which was  first released in 1979 and it received a warm reception from many as it was a timepiece that can be uniquely identified to be from Piaget with its iconic design. The first release featured a bracelet that was integrated with the casing of the fake watch and this shows the technical abilities of Piaget’s watchmakers, giving the watch its own identity and making it look elegant.

The release of an all-new Piaget Polo line with two different options namely this year: fake Piaget Polo S and the replica Piaget Polo S Chronograph.Designed to capture a younger audience looking for an affordable and elegant watch to sport on different occasions, the fake watch sees the new Polo S as a “Game Changer” and in line with that, Piaget has named eight men as “Friends of the brand”. Among the eight includes Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds and quoted “I’ve known of Piaget since I was just a little kid. You can’t find a more iconic brand, or one which better exemplifies craftsmanship, elegance and creativity.”.  So, does the new Piaget Polo S exemplify the mentioned? Let’s take a closer look at the new release, the fake Piaget Polo S.

Case, Dial and Hands

The replica Piaget Polo S comes in a 42 mm stainless steel case, features a brushed bezel and a cushion-shaped case. True to its origins, this timepiece features a very thin profile measuring at just 9.4mm, making it an ideal dress watch. The dial comes in three different options, silver, blue and grey, appealing to a wider audience along with a simple dial design that also features a date indicator at the bottom of it.

Top Quality Piaget Polo S Swiss Made Watch Review

On first look, the replica Piaget Polo S bears a sharp resemblance to the Patek Philippe Nautilus. This was apparent from every detail; the brushed bezel looked like the Nautilus’ bezel except for the fact that its horizontally brushed and not done vertically. Likewise, for the dial, the fake Piaget Polo S features a horizontal striped dial which the Nautilus is very well known for, a trademark for Patek Philippe.

The replica Piaget Polo S was designed to appeal to a younger crowd and we see many familiar elements on this watch. Notice the brushed bezel and cushion-shaped case, resembling the Nautilus.

We feel that this was not accidental by any means and it’s a way to attract the younger folks who are interested in buying an entry-level watch that has a premium look to it. This new release from Piaget does not exemplify creativity to say the least, it looks almost as if it was hastily put together, combining elements of popular timepieces like the Nautilus or the Royal Oak. No doubt the watch is beautiful and elegant looking but, a watch must have its identity and not simply borrow elements of other timepieces to conveniently create that identity.

Top Quality Piaget Polo S Swiss Made Watch Review

Concluding Thoughts

The Piaget Polo S is an excellent dress watch and we like the aesthetics appeal of it, it looks almost like the Nautilus, a classic that can be instantly recognized from far. Priced at US$ 9,350 for the Piaget Polo S three-handers and US$ 12,400 for the chronograph version, the Piaget Polo S series is well-priced and no doubt this would sell very well given the design. On the other hand, it’s disappointing to see how a brand needing to resort to recycling the design elements of popular pieces to attract new buyers.

Top Quality Piaget Polo S Swiss Made Watch Review



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